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You will have several opportunities open to you when you complete your studies.

Styudying a university can be a transformative experience. You will learn new things, meet new people, have new experiences and gain in maturity. It is different to studying in school. Basically you are treated as an adult and expected to organise yourself, although it is still a supportive environment.

 Teaching and education

The style of teaching at university gives more responsibilty to the student. Tuition will be through a variety of lectures, seminars, workshops, group work, tutorials and other activities which will vary depending on the subject and the university or college where you are studying. Attendance at these activities may even be optional, although your results will suffer if you do not attend.


Assessment and feedback are the most significant part of your education. to monitor your progress and identify the areas for development, universities and colleges use different methods of testing. The most common methods are listed below. Your ongoing assessments will involve work such as writing essays, writing a dissertation or creating a project based on data collection or any experiment or research, and assignment questions. Individual assessments include:

  • Closed examinations
  • Open examinations
  • Dissertation and individual projects
  • Portfolios
  • Seminar prersentations
  • Display of work
  • Practical exams
  • Project assignments

There are a range of things you need to organise pre-departure.

You need to research the town or city and country where you want to study before you apply. There is no point applying for a course and then finding out that you won't be happy there.

It is very easy to search for information through the tourist office websites (although they will obviously only give a positive impression) and other peer review sites such as Tripadviser (although it will be different living in a country as opposed to visiting as a tourist). Try to get a balanced view and don't just rely on your preconceived opinions about a place based on what you see and read in the media as the reality could be very different.




Every country has their own requirements to apply for a student visa. The following are the documents which are necessary for all countries: