What is a credibility interview and why it is important for a student visa?

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What is a credibility interview?

A credibility interview is a common interview process undertaken by UK universities to recognise the best and genuine students. It is a simulation interview process of a visa interview conducted by the UKVI (UK government body, responsible for immigration and visas).

Why it is important?

Recently UK student visa (i.e. tier 4 General visa) policy has changed tremendously which puts pressure on the sponsor (university and college) as well. Due to new government rules every sponsor should maintain at least 90% visa success rate for their issued CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). If it is less than 90% then they may lose their sponsorship license, hence every sponsor wants to make recruit eligible and genuine students. In order to verify geniuses of a student many universities has started credibility interview.

What if I don't prepare for a credibility interview?

As mentioned before it's a process to recruit sincere students so the refusal rate for visa can be reduced. It covers topics which are usually main reasons for visa rejection and refusal.

What could be main reasons for visa rejection or refusal?

There can be many reasons for visa refusals, but the following are the mean reasons which we have identified for visa refusal in the UKVI interview.

1) The student was not able to satisfy the Visa Officer that he has done proper research of 4-5 Universities and why he had selected his chosen university. He has not done any research about the Universities in UK & applied only to one university.

2) The student was not able to provide the satisfactory information about his course, its structure, modules, content, assessment process etc.

3) The student only provided the vaguest of information about his plans for after completion of his course.

4) The student was not able to justify the funds in his bank account and why the parents are putting their hard earned money for student program. Verification and justification of funding is one of the main reason in South Asia for visa refusal.

5) Student was not able to justify his/her gap in study through income tax proof, salary proof or any other proof.

This all thus leads to doubt the claims to be seeking entry to the UK as a student and hence the Visa Officer rejected or will reject the student's visa.

What questions can be asked during a credibility interview?

We are giving you a list of questions those can be asked during credibility interview.

Sample of possible questions for screening intention to study:

  • Why do you want to study in the UK?
  • What are the benefits of studying in the UK compared to your home country or USA/Canada/Australia etc.?
  • Why did you choose this university/college?
  • How did you find about it?
  • Which other colleges/universities have you considered?
  • Where is the college/university?
  • Do you know anyone who has already studied there?
  • Do you know roughly how large the college/university is?
  • Why did you choose this course and how does it relate to your previous study?
  • How do you explain the gaps in your study/professional history?
  • What is the relevance of the course to your future career path?
  • What qualification will you receive?
  • How long does the course last?
  • How is your course assessed? (apparently frequently asked and students do not know)
  • Do you know what level you course is at?
  • Did you consider any other course?
  • Does this course offer any professional recognition?
  • Are you planning to stay in the UK on completion to study for a higher award?
  • Are you thinking of transferring to another institution on completion?
  • What facilities are you expecting at the college/university?
  • Will you need help finding accommodation?
  • Do you need a meet and greet service?
  • Do you understand the responsibilities of students entering the UK under Tier 4 of the PBS?
  • Do you have relatives who have studied at similar level or studied overseas?
  • Do you think your course is appropriate for someone of your age? (if the student is doing program after very long gap)


Sample of possible questions for screening financial viability:

  • What is your current occupation?
  • Who is financing your studies?
  • What is the profession of your financial sponsor and what relationship they have to you?
  • Do you have evidence of the financial status of your financial sponsor, e.g. bank statements for last 6 months, bonds, investments, etc.?
  • Are you able to verify the genuineness of these documents?
  • Can you prove the money is available for study?
  • Would you be able to pay your tuition fees in full up front?
  • Have you checked the refund policy?
  • Do you know what your accommodation will cost in the UK?
  • Do you know how much your living expenses will be?
  • Do you know whether you are entitled to work part-time in the UK?
  • Do you know how many hours are you allowed to work?
  • Do you know the likely hourly rate of pay?
  • How reliant are you on being able to work?
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