Processing time

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Processing time

The processing time for studying abroad approximately takes eight months to one year. The following are some points in the time-frame that you need to consider before you finally reach your academic destination abroad-

1. Initial decision-making process: This is the first stage where you take your key priorities in mind and decide on why you wish to study overseas. You should introspect and ask yourself some vital questions such as –is it for employment abroad or for enhancement of a skill set? This decision takes time and should not be rushed. It generally takes 2 to 3 months for you to come to a final decision.

2. Arranging documents and acquiring the test reports: Once you have made up your mind as to why you wish to study abroad, you must arrange the required documents for the above. At the same time some nations require the test reports of IELTS and TOEFL. Ensure that you have them ready. In case, you have not taken the test, this is the right time for you to do so. The time frame for this approximately is again 2-3 months.

3. Application to the desired university: The next step is to apply to the desired university abroad. Here the application process will take 2-3 months. You should approach the authorities of the university and find out the correct application procedure so that you are not delayed and can submit your completed application for the desired course on time.

4. Visa: You need to apply for a student visa in your home nation to study abroad. Here again, an application with the right set of documents are required. Once you have arranged for the visa
documents, you should submit the application for above. This again approximately will take you 2-3 months. Therefore, if you are thinking about the time-frame of how long it will take you to fly abroad to study an academic course keep in mind the above points!

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