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There are several options open to you when you complete your studies.

Further study

If you enjoyed your subject, and have achieved a high grade, then one of the options you should consider is to go on to further study. A Bachelor's degree leads on to a Master's degree and a Master's leads on to a PhD or Doctorate. A higher qualification will take time and money, but will give you a prestigious achievement which could then lead to a better paid job.

Entering into a career

A degree will help you find a job and most likely a higher paid position as well as providing personal satisfaction. The figures for the financial premium you can expect from holding a degree vary between subjects, industries and countries, but even if that is not your concern having a degree will teach you how to think and speak in a more logical and clearer way.

 Returning back

The option of returning home is the simplest one and should not be discredited. You will have gained in many ways from your study abroad and even if you don't use your qualification to directly help your career you will have the satisfaction of having achieved something special.


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